Saturday, January 2, 2010


You know that song, "one thing leads to another", well I think it is part of a song as it has been rambling around in my brain these past few days. We have been busy packing up the Xmas Show and redoing, cleaning and fluffing our other two spaces at Monticello. With the redo -lots of stuff came home and into the garage. Since we dismantled the Xmas space, some of that stuff went into the redo spaces. Alas-NOTHING LEFT THE THE OVERFLOWING GARAGE  {again} and I was faced with too much stuff and too little space to store it all.. So, today, I slithered back to our neighborhood Public Storage, apologized profusely for ever leaving them and begged for our storage space back. [Okay-Donna says tell the whole story Diana!] I did go to storage and rent a storage unit. The unit was not as big as the one we left-but I thought it should do. WRONG!!!!!  Donna went to storage soon after my renting the space and about filled it up with one load. She called me from storage and gently said it looked a tad bit small. SIGH and fudge bars! So........ we both went back to Public Storage and rented a larger one. The good news in all of this is that both units cost us a $1 for the month plus insurance and handling fees. We will vacate the smaller unit at the end of the month and just keep the larger one. In the meantime, the smalls will stay in the tiny space until we can get all of the big pieces of furniture into the large storage space arranged.  See, it's as if we planned it this way!

I must say, Donna and I are giddy with excitment about having the storage unit back in our lives. BOY- I THINK WE HAVE TO GET OUT MORE-A STORAGE UNIT MAKING US HAPPY? Anyway, January is a clear it out month for the both of us.We can get pretty ruthless and a bit OCD putting order back into our lives-so the garages and the houses will get order and the storage unit will start out with order-no promises though that it will stay that way!. Donna made two trips to storage and I made three trips to storage today-so I guess you can say we're happy, happy, happy!


Susan said...

I'd be happy to stand by and catch stuff as it flies out of the unit! Time & date & location ? :)

Kari LaForge said...

I loved your story! Big sighs and laughs as I read...can't wait to see the "re-do", I am excited! (talk about needing to get out more!)
alway, Kari~

Florence said...

Oh how I know that storage dilemma, I have a beautiful studio that could be awesome to work in, but it is too full and I can hardly get in to it, so do I start moving things to the storage unit, I would have to say yes, and get serious about letting some things go that are not serving a purpose. Wish me luck. Hugs to you both. Florence

AuroraSuzette said...

Well, I know exactly how you feel, but I did my part by bringing home The Most Beautiful Cabinet Ever!! I love it so much, so does Wayne now that it's up our 31 steps and inside. Save me some glaze, please. xxoo, Susan

Sammy Girl said...

Ahhh .... some folks dream of cruises and cool frosty drinks by the azure sea .... while the rest of us fantasize about organized storage units ... we know which is the harder to turn into reality!!
Hugs and Happy New Year!
Betty :)