Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Both Donna and I got caught driving home in the surprise snow storm from Monticello yesterday! The only consolation to our very long journey home was that thousands of other commuters were all in the same pickle that we were. We both have about 12-15 miles to travel from Monticello-no big deal-unless it snows or gets icy! It took me over 3 hours to get home and it took Donna over four hours to get home. I have to travel over major hills and all of the routes I tried were shut down. I tried my last route which had the steepest and most scarey hills and the silver bullet took the hills like we had been driving in snow and ice all of our lives. I made it to the last hill-and finally had to park the car and walk the rest of the way home. I thought I could make the down hill turn into our street-but there were too many cars lining the street on both sides and I could just see me doing bunker cars all the way down to the bottom of the hill hitting every one of them. The wizard was able to dig the car out this afternoon and take it to work. So I was stuck at home with no car, while  his baby BMW sat safely in the garage keeping warm.

So no going to Monticello to finish packing up the Christmas show. What's a girl to do? Well of course, dig out from all of the acumulation of CRAP that I have been ignoring over the past few years stashed here and there-all over the house. I have at least 20 bags of soon to be someone else's treasures ready to go to the Goodwill. The Wizard is on his way home and once we unload the car from yesterday, we can  load the bags and get them to Goodwill.

Actually this is just the start of the purge! We are getting ready to do some major remodeling and there is no sense in keeping all this stuff, just to have to move it and clean it-when I am not using any of it!!!! So the lower level of the house is yet to be done, the dreaded garage has yet to be done and my craft area cupboards are also on the list to be purged. My goal is to finish all of this by this Sunday! Oh, did I mention we are also purging our two spaces at Monticello getting rid of all of our 'whoops, you didn't love it and have to have it stuff "and bring in the new!


donna said...

Gosh I wish I was there! Would LOVE to see all the goodies you are purging!
I love the photo of your trunk!!!
Too funny! You pack like I do!
Hope you all have a fabulous New Years!

Laurie said...

Good job Diana! I'm inspired to keep going with my own organizing.

Happy New Year,

Halo Hill said...

I sooooooooooooooooo understand! I must make space!


Florence said...

I am so inspired I just wish I could let go. Florence