Monday, January 4, 2010


It is a rainy, wet day in Portland, Oregon! I was going to put these spring treasures out in February-but thought it would bring us all a little cheer and color into dreary January-so out they come now.  Come see early spring at Monticello. I will get these treasures out there on Wednesday of this week. The bird eggs in the jars are real. Years ago I found three boses of these eggs at an estate sale of an older gentleman.  I have been slowly going through them as they have been hard to part with. I loved the caring hands that found them,  cleaned them, labeled them and set them in cotton for me to find.  Enjoy!


Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

Hi Ladies, can't wait to see all your colors of Spring!!!
Have a great week and stay dry
Julie, Kindred Roses

Florence said...

I like spring but would be ok with a little more winter first. A fresh snow fall would be nice just for a few days thats all. Hugs Florence

Debbie @ said...

How sweet. I am ready for a little spring decor. Not sure where to start but I like the little nest and egg thing you have going. Very sweet. Can't wait to see what else you will be working on!

Sammy Girl said...

Guess I'd better get myself over there! Love the vintage ceramics ... and of course PINK!
Betty :)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Yummmmmm.........Can't wait to get myself to Monticello.............after I finish the Den re-do and we can zip down for the new TV.... :-) Oh, the poor Hubbs........he has no idea.

Warm blessings,

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