Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I can not believe I am about to embark on painting this old cupboard! Did your parents ever tell you if you could not do a job well-don't do the job at all. That's why I hate to paint. It is not in my nature to be a perfect painter and it stretches my patience to the limit trying to make my painting look good. Why did I not think about switching out the white chippy cabinet in my house for the barn yard red one before I put four samples of paint on it? That's me-always a day late and a dollar short in my thinking! We are doing the window at Monticello for the month of September and this red/brown cupboard would not have worked with the newly painted brown walls-so I said to myself-you can paint this girl-just remember what your Dad taught you to do and then do it the right way-not the fast way. So I am off to the garage to embark on the monumental task. I know all of you out there who love to paint are laughing out loud at my misery-I just hope the paint fairies are on my side to day! YIKES-I have to sand first-that is like fingernails on chalkboards-oh well - quit bemoaning your fate and go to work!! PS I have sanded and used steel wool #3 on the cabinet I have rubbed the cabinet down with a towel and then a tack cloth and finished one coat [I am thinking at least 3 coats] of paint. For now I am letting the paint cure until this evening and then I am going to use fine steel wool on the cabinet before putting on the next coat of paint.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I got your back on this one. Only, you have gone further than I would. My problem is, I buy all the equipment, then I chicken out. May your work be profitable and something your dad would be proud of. ~Mindy

Florence said...

I hate to paint it is not in my cards, I would rather do something else. Good Luck! I am sure it will turn out just great. I will look forward to seeing it at Monticello.

Auntie Joy said...

Is there anyone in the whole world that likes to paint?? Hate it hate it! And especially if it has to be done the right way!
I am looking forward to seeing the masterpiece!

robinbird said...

well that PS at the end sure sounds like doing it the long and right way! i am quite impressed!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

You are doing great! Just remember it's suppose to look old and used and those of us that are old and used...I mean..that like old and used...don't mind a little Mis-PaintPlaces. Thanks for visiting CollectInTexas Gal and following. I was once told ,'Finished is Better Than Perfect'...so don't stress!