Thursday, August 27, 2009


Okay-I have two coats of paint on the cupboard andI love the color. It's called straw basket. I used the new Behr paint with  primer built into it. I don't think it helped much as it is hard to cover a dark color with a lighter color with out at least three coats of paint. If I had used a primer and then painted-I still think I would be in for three coats of paint. If my Dad is looking down at me-he would probably say, "not a bad job". Then he would have said,"why didn't you sand the old paint down to the bare wood"? and I would say "because Dad-I didn't think I had to strip it down so close to the wood"! I think the dark red/brown paint hid more of the flaws from the previous paint jobs and the lighter color magnifies them. Bummer!!!! So I am off to walk the dogs,[procrastinate a little longer], sand and apply the third coat and go in search of a nicotine color glaze to finish the cupboard. I think Ralph Laren has that glaze-wish me luck!  


sweetpea said...

Love the cupboard--RL definitely has a glaze in tobacco that I use a lot. Keep goin' and let us all see the finished cupboard in all its new glory.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I still say it was more work than I'd have done. And your Dad would applaud your efforts, I'm sure! ~Mindy

Maison Douce said...

It's coming along great!! I spent part of the day painting, too... And you are right, Ralph Lauren had an antiquing glaze that is great!!!

The Green Pea said...

The cupboard looks great to me. I love beauty marks on old pieces, I no longer try to hide them and fix them. I enjoy all the life of the piece. Post photos when you are finished with the glaze. I think your Dad is saying " job well done my Dear daughter". Sandi

Jennifer said...

I think it's looking great. I'll have to try out that RL glaze... I normally just make my own colors using clear glaze and adding a bit of acrylic paint in whichever color I feel like using that day; burnt umber, dark burnt umber, sienna,mustard or black but if I could find a color I really love it would be wonderful!


Embellish-Vintage Home Embellishments said...

I think the cabinet looks amazing. I would love to have that for my own. Great job!!

kim said...

AFA-Love the cubbie, and yes painting is a giant pain in the you know where! Just remember, we're always more critical of our own work than others, so look at it with a different eye.
I use the RL smoke glaze and love it.
Have a great weekend.

kim said...

PS-i use a roller on alot of long flat surfaces.

vintagelaundress said...

What a magnificent job! It's beautiful!