Sunday, August 23, 2009


What a day we had on Saturday! The sun was out and the best and greatest customers [really friends] came to shop and spend time with us at Tarte Land. We had a blast and hope you did too! Thank you to all who came out to help to make this a special event. The BH boys and Natalie were of course there to give time and support. Natalie's vanilla cake was to die for-I had two pieces from a second cake she made on Friday. Erin's flowers and greenery helped make the barn and yard open and inviting. I never got any of the great muffins and scones she brought with her homemade jam as they flew off the trays- but I did eat her blueberry pie for breakfast and lunch on Saturday. What a jewel Erin is to have at the Land of Tarte. Carrie and Katherine came with two big baskets full of goodies to share with all of our friends-thank you so much for your thoughtfulness! Cindy, the Queen, Barry, the King and Kylie their darling daughter [the Princess of Tarte], again turned the barn and yard into a magical place to be. Linda and Ludmil from Willow Nest brought their special touch to the barn and yard as well. I loved Ludmil's wire sunflowers and metal art and I got from Linda, the most wonderful Christmas present for Donna. My hope is that I will to be able to keep it until Xmas-because I usually can't wait that long to give her something that I know she will love and cherish! Thank you all again-I can hardly wait until the September show!!!!


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Girls, your space at the Tarte show was just beyond perfection! I so enjoyed it each of the ten or twelve times I wandered through.... ahem. (Hey, how else are we going to see every last detail?!) I also melted when I saw your space at Monticello - even tho I didn't know it was yours at first. Oh My Heart. Those two spaces were just yummy. White chocolate vanilla mocha yummy. I think I actually gained weight while standing in them, that's how sugary sweet good they were!

Funky Junk Sisters said...

You really need to do our show in Puyallup, WA in October!! Check it out on our blog!

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters

robin bird said...

I will forever sigh with nostalgia when wandering through your space at Tarte. you girls have such an eye for the vintage details that make everything wonderfully unique and old and beautiful. and thank you Diana for the tips on donna's beautiful vintage card creations. you are quite generous in both sharing skills, knowledge and little gifts of friendship. If i had your mailing address.....i would love to send you a card of one of your perfect vignettes. would you let me know your mailing address by sending me an e-mail please?

Celticlass said...

Diana you have become so DEAR to me. The Garden sign you gave me looks wonderful in the upper Garden. I made Apple Pie filling and some Blackberry Jam for you both. Thank You for your kind words and encouragement.