Saturday, August 29, 2009


Okay-I put the first coat of RL tobacco glaze on the cupboard! After a few trial and errors, I figured out the technique I wanted to use. I have done this aging on small pieces that I have painted, but not one that is as large as this cabinet. After using a brush, damp rag and dry rag to smooth out the glaze, I ultimately decided to just use the brush. I found both the damp rag and dry rag took off too much glaze and effected the texture of the paint. So, I put the glaze on with the brush and let it set for a few minutes and then I went back over with a dry brush and used both vertical and horizontal strokes to work the glaze into the nooks and crannies of the cabinet. [Good thing I did not strip the paint down to the bare wood or I would not have gotten so much texture to the cupboard]. I am letting it dry then I plan to put a dry brush coat of straw over the glaze and then probably one more dry brush coat of stain. This is where I can get into trouble-and get a bit manic about how the aging looks. The good news is that it has to be done and dry and ready to go to Monticello this Tuesday-so not much more time to futz around. I do love the tobacco glaze and the next trip to Home Depot-I will bring home a quart of the sun bleached, teatime and smoke glazes to have ready to use on other projects!


melissadc76 said...

I've used that glaze before and love it. It does work especially well if there were layers of paint, some chipped off. One project it worked especially well on was an iron bed that was painted an ugly color of navy blue. I painted it antique white, then glazed it, it came out so cute with the glaze in all the crevices.

The Green Pea said...

Oh, I am learning something new here. I will have to try it on one of my pieces. Have you every tried Minwax light oak stain and wiped it off to age a piece? That is what I have done. I want to try the glaze to see if I like it more. Sandi

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

HOlY crap..... I am going to Home Depot!! Thanks for sharing the technique and the name of the stuff!!! None of my friends here ever share their secrets, but I always blab mine!!! The cabinet looks awesome, great old look!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting, I just blogged another load I brought in last night!! Blessings and Hugs, Janna

maryboys said...

such talent...thank you for sharing your techniques, too.