Friday, May 29, 2009



Yesterday's blog was bittersweet and one that I debated writing-but my heart won out over my reason. Today I want to share with you what we got after we lost Emma and Farley. I am happy to introduce Roxy Heart and Reno Truckee. They will be 2 in July and August. We waited 6 years after Rascal died to get Emma and Farley-that was too long of a time to not have dogs in our lives, so this time we waited 3 months to get these bundles of endless energy and joy. Roxy is a turbo jet in action-she is constantly moving and if there is a dog diagnosis of attention deficit-she clearly has it. She goes, goes, goes until she drops and then she must sleep. She is pint size and quite a talker. She is very specific in what she needs and will tell you often with her talk. Reno is the opposite of the Roxy-he is a giant cocker spaniel-40lbs of love and cuddle. He is just a gentle soul. Both have independent minds and like most cockers choose to do what you want them to do most of the time.....well-not really. They keep me very busy, as some days I wonder am I smarter than two cocker spaniel puppies? I chose Emma and Farley's name so it was the Wizard's turn to name the two new dogs. He travels a lot to Nevada for work and spends a lot of time in Reno and Vegas. Thus the name Reno. He wanted to name Roxy-Vegas but we thought it was too big of a name for her-we were wrong! Despite her size-she is clearly a Vegas show girl! The wizard's family is from Chicago so Roxy Heart was chosen and she lives up to that name as well. We love our dogs and despite our efforts-we let them live a life with few boundaries and get in return boundless energy and love from them! I can not imagine life without dogs!


Florence said...

They are wonderful and such burst of energy. Thanks for sharing your story.

Deborah Burton said...

Being allergic to dogs, cats, dust, mold, etc., I (of course) choose a business that gives me plenty of exposure to all. Your puppies tug at my heart and, although vicariously, I enjoy them thoroughly! Will have to stick to my "antique" pets. Thanks for sharing such joy with all of us!!!


Sweet Pea said...

Hi Ladies! Welcome to the "I'd Rather Be In Paris" swap. Please email me at and we'll go over the particulars. Thanks for joining!


Deb Kennedy said...

Oh they are sooooooo darling! LOVE the names you've chosen - especially 'Reno Truckee'. We lived in Truckee for seven years, and just love that place. (Bob even calls his TRUCK 'Truckee'!)

Thank you so much for visiting our blog and your kind comment, girls...we'll see you at Farm Chicks!