Thursday, May 28, 2009




Emma and Farley came into my life over fourteen years ago. Donna thought I had waited long enough to get a dog after Rascal, our springer had passed away. So I flew down to L.A. with our sister Debby, did a flea market and picked up 3 month old, WIGGLY presents from Donna. Debby and I brought the two cocker spaniels, Emma and Farley home on the airplane [that's another story.] We gave Emma her name because of her sweet, sweet nature. She never met a stranger that she did not love immediately. Farley was named after a dog in the comic strips [For Better or Worse] after he died saving Elizabeth from the river. I could not believe a dog would die in the comic strips [I cried] and right then and there I vowed I would name my next dog Farley in honor of this heroic dog. Farley was a more complicated dog than Emma and he thought his mission in life was to love and protect me. That was all good until he got cranky and it was 'beware of Farley' in his later years-for everybody except his mom, grandma , aunties and my son, Justin. Sadly we are at the second anniversary of their passing away. We lost Farley for complicated health issues he could not survive and we lost our Emma because of her heart within 12 days of each other. That was a terrible time for us but we celebrated them then and we celebrate them now for all the love, affection and enrichment that they brought to our lives. We miss you Emma and Farley!


Lajoe said...

Ooooh, qu'ils sont mimis, tous les deux...{:o)

Monticello Staff said...

Oh Diana, you made me cry... I can soo relate. They are 4-legged children that love and crave our attention no matter what.
Hugs, Joyce

Deborah Burton said...

Ditto on the crying . . . where's the tissue! They look like wonderful animals--a lovely tribute to them.

See ya next week!

Ormolulu Debi

Maison Douce said...

Aww they are so adorable!! What a sweet tribute!!