Sunday, April 26, 2009


What a turn out for the garden show. I have been to Monticello to stock up both on Friday and Saturday afternoons and it was packed with shoppers. All of the guest vendors have many holes to fill in from merchandise flying out of their spaces! So if you get the chance come out and spend the morning, afternoon or even the whole day shopping and snacking at the Monti's cafe!
The garden show will continue until May 24, 2009 and vendors will be regularly stocking their spaces with treasures-so if you can not make it out for the sale that ends today-extra great stuff will be available for the next several weeks. Well I am off to price and get more goodies ready for Monticello, walk the dogs and pack the car for a round trip to the barn, Monticello and home.


Florence said...

I am going there today, hoping to find some cool treasures. I loved your goods at Queen of Tarte.

colbycottage said...

Your area looks great! cant wait to see what new treasures you bring in. See you soon Kathy