Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Donna and I have been working all week in preparation for the Garden Show at Monticello Antique Market Place. It's been really fun to set this show up. We are in one of the gazebo's for sale and it has been great to be able to use it as a backdrop for the show. We have brought lots of great finds and have departed a bit from our usual neutral palette and added a lot of color. Spring to me is full of color with all of the beautiful spring flowers and and green leaves in bloom. We will be set up all month-so if you can't get to the show this Friday-don't despair-we will be bringing in new stuff several times a week until the end of the show. I have to say that I think this is the best garden show ever! The vendors have all outdone themselves in bringing in their fabulous finds to share with our customers at Monticello. Hope to see you there!


Auntie Joy said...

nice pictures neighbor


You won't disappoint! I'll be there!
Best of luck, throughout the whole month!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana and Donna , Your space is Wonderful - as always. You 2 have such a knack for displaing the treasures you find. I have an award for you on my blog. Come pick it up when you get a chance. Sue

Kris Williamson and Amy McCoy said...

Hi Girls! We gave you an award! Go to our blog to see. (when you have a spare moment!)

LillySue said...

Wow~ You make it almost too hard to resist! Hubby is leaving for a business trip early tomorrow morning. Maybe the kids and I could jump in the car and pop over the hill to see all the goodies! If not this weekend, maybe next. I would love to see all the green and blossoms in the valley!
Blessings~ LillySue

miss gracies house said...

I love your style!! I've been *studying* it for awhile now. (I'm from Idaho and get over that way a couple of times a year) I was there
for the Barn sale in March...loved it! I've posted some of your items in my recent post and also some awhile back...thought you'd like to see.