Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I fell in love with Ralph Lauren's paint color called Thunder Bay! It's a warm toasted cashew kind of color. Now, you ask why would she put such a deep tone on her walls when everything trendy is white, white, white! I have two words for you-Reno and Roxy! I am picking my colors based on hiding everyday wear and tear in a household with two dogs that have no boundaries. Back to Thunder Bay! I must have a love afair with BABY POOP BROWN because on my walls that is exactly what it looks like-so I am back to the rethinking drawing board about what color and depth of tone I can actually live with. Wish me luck! The last time I picked out wall color, I bought 17 quarts of LINEN paint samples before I found the one I wanted. For someone who does not think she is too obsessive-I guess I might have a bit of a quirk with paint color. The good news is that one can buy little samples which helps with the environmnet. And yes, I did use or recycle all of those quarts of paint!

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junkdreams said...

These look like really pretty colours...and if you like white, I think it would be a really pretty contrast with white furniture against this. I used the R.L. Oatmeal on all my walls and am still loving it!
Happy day!