Monday, February 1, 2010


And so it begins-the obsessive and compulsive paint color selection for the inside of the house. The obsessive and compulsive tile, granite, fabric  and any other selectios and decisions I have to make with this remodel. And finally the sad but real decisions that have to be made with what I want and what we have budgeted. Sorry to say-those are two really, really different realities. Actually one is a fantasy and one is learning and applying the art of concession and comprise. Both life skills I have practiced a lot in my life, but ones I don't want to do. The first comprise is that I am not going to get the kitchen I would not cook in anyway, of my dreams! I am going to work with the perfectly fine solid maple cabinets that I have-reuse, recycle brownie points for me! I want warmer hues in my house that blend the cabinets and maple flooring that will stay but be refinished. My biggest pain in the arse-white tile from entry to throughout the kitchen and eating area will be banished from my life. Honestly, if I could only remove that tile, paint the whole house and recarpet what needs it-I will die a happy camper. My biggest goal is to change or renew all of the surfaces and repair what needs to be done before any frills can be added. So stay tuned for the next chapter of this remodel story!

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