Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Diana and Debby
Donna and Diana
Diana and Debby

Our sister Debby treated Donna and I to an art class, dinner and wine last night as an early BD present. We had so much fun taking this class together!!! It is a project that all three of have wanted to do-multi-media collage with wax overlay. It took our younger sister, [who is the best at thoughtful gifts and cards], to put it together for all three of us. Our instructor, Jennifer Campbell made the class so easy to do! She had all of the materials together and with a little help and positive reinforcement-she launched us out of the "want to do" nest to the beginning of a new flight to do more art! What was so fun was to watch the three of us attack the project differently. Debby's final product looks like the cover of one of Tim Holtz's art magazines. Donna's project is truly artful, multi-layered and precise. Mine on the other hand has very subtle, three dimensional paper layers as well as multiple layers of wax on it. Nothing about my project is precise-just torn and frayed. I think each of us needs to take a vow to include more sister time into each other's lives. Sisters related by blood and sisters related by friendship and the love of spending time together. I thought we had done that pretty well in the past-but realized last night-that it is not the case. We need more artful time together and I promise to get us together for our next event!!!! PS We took the class at the Paper Peddler in downtown Beaverton. It is a great paper, stamp and craft store, so if you get a chance-stop in and find some great art supplies for your next project!


Florence said...

Looks like you all had a good time creating, they are all beautiful.

melanie's all my favorite things said...

I have always known that the 2 of you were artists...didn't need a class to tell me that!! You two are the best! thanks for sharing your lovely work...but I see the artist in you every time I see your booths!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Just LOVE it all, Great blog, Janna

maryboys said...

each of these is just beautiful! i love them...