Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, it was definitely catch up week for me! I made three trips to the barn, four trips to Monticello, one trip to Goodwill and three trips to storage! Now that sounds really virtuous and it was. I had a sobering thought when I did my taxes this winter-one might also call it a thunder bolt of lightning-while others might wonder what was I thinking? At any rate I totaled up what we spent on storage costs over the past year on two different 12x20 storage units and realized two things: 1. I could have used that money in so many different ways-mostly to have fun and 2. the value of what was in storage was rapidly loosing its' value over time because of the cost of storage. So I am happy to report that I got the caboose moving and cleaned out one of the storage units last Saturday and Sunday. I have made plans to be out of the other storage unit on Thursday and have rented a truck and hired our nephew-in-law to help move the big stuff. Of course by moving all of the stuff out of storage-it has to go somewhere-so I must yet do a little rearranging in my house, convince Donna to store the Annie, Fannie Xmas boxes and convince the wizard that I really, really do need more space in the garage. With luck-I will be done in time to do a test drive to Battleground on Friday so I can be at the Barn House Sale first thing on Saturday morning to shop and help instead 0f wandering around the countryside trying to find them. That sounds like a great reward for all of my efforts to get out of storage. YEAH!

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Queen of Tarte said...

Yeaaaayyy!! Quite an accomplishment...I am so proud!! I had that issue a few years ago and ended up taking most of my storage items to the thrift store...ugh what a waste. See you soon..xo Cindy