Thursday, March 12, 2009


We spent the afternoon spiffing up our Monticello spaces and adding new treasures. Donna did a beautiful job as usual with display! The good part about all the work we did for EXPO is that there were left over goodies to add to Monticello which gave us extra time to shop other wonderful dealer spaces yesterday.

I have spent 2 nights learning to crop photos from the Nikon so new pictures are about to arrive. The Wizard has to show me how to download the Nikon into the computer, so once that happens-new pictures! I do now know how to do it on the Canon. I took the Canon to EXPO, but it would have helped if I had checked the battery before trying to take pictures-you guessed it-dead. For those who know me, I was true to form-this is so Diana!


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Hey girls,
I am so happy I found your blog! As one of your fans, I have marveled to my friends about your booth(s) at Monticello;- and also brought home many goodies from your ever interesting collection! We have met a few times & chatted, but I have completely given up on who is who;- I'll just continue calling you "The Twins"!
Let us know the reason behind your business name..... I'm so curious ;o)
Kudos to your new blog & welcome to blogland!
Warm wishes for a great experience
from Sylvi

Diana Leitner and Donna Cedergreen said...

Hi Sylvi, I think we met at Monticello not to long ago-yeah you found us with our new baby blog. If you go into the archive I let folks know how we got our name. But to make a long story shorter-Donna found chickens in a garden center in L.A. when she first started her business and asked their names-Annie, Fannie and Abigail and thus our name. Warmly, Diana

Deborah Burton said...

Greetings Diana & Donna from Bellingham! Sorry we didn't get a chance to visit at Expo . . . I had the flu and stuck pretty close to my booth. While I missed a lot of goodies, it was good to just sell for a change. It was a good show! Check out my blog too:
xoxo Debi Burton