Monday, March 16, 2009


I was lucky enough to get some wonderful, old cream and white clothes this weekend at an estate sale. On closer inspection at home, of course, I always find surprises about the treasures that I did not see in the thrill of the moment when finding them. As was the case with the beautiful linen lawn dress. It was in wonderful condition except for the stains under the arms. Clearly deodorant products were not available at the time this dress was worn. So in my efforts to try and at least fade the stains, I began filling the laundry tub with water, put Dawn and Tide on the stains and went to brush my teeth before leaving for an estate sale. It's a busy morning-TOO busy-I forgot the water was running. Sigh-not what I really said! I yelled for the Wizard and between the two of us it took 40 minutes to clean up the water. It went all over the floor, into the cupboard and into the drawers, down to the furnace room and into boxes, athletic equipment and other stuff. Well, the good news is that I got some spring cleaning done. I learned to put the linen in a tub inside of the sink so that particular problem does not happen again and I got to the estate sale and still found more treasures. The dress is soaking and after I finish the last load of towels from the cleanup-she will go into the delicate cycle for her final wash and hopefully to a new and beautiful life.

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melanie said...

oh my. my son left the hose running in a window well a few years ago...all night...and wow, did I get to empty out the basement the next day! So... I totally understand what you have been through! so nice to see you both blogging! I just love your space at Monticello, and I have been a fan of yours for years! melanie