Sunday, October 30, 2011


As the holidays approach, Diana, Debby and I will begin to select the small treasures that will help complete our Christmas gift offerings for our wonderful customers at the Monticello Christmas Show.  Throughout the year we have collected these wonderful items and have stored them in the vault (as in Donna's studio) for safe keeping.

It now is time for the selection committee (we three sister's)  to meet and make the decisions of what we will keep for awhile longer and what we will put in the Christmas Show for sale.  This is not an easy task! A very challenging task to say the least!  For example, what I will think is fine to relinquish and to put up for sale, Diana and Debby may say no,no, no that never leaves the vault!  Do you see our dilemma? 

Our motto has always been"If we buy it it is always for sale!"  However, over the years we have tweaked our motto to "If we keep what we just purchased, we need to take an item out of our vault to replace the new coveted treasure!"

How well do you think that works? 

You will have an opportunity to see for yourselves at the Monticello Christmas Show as all three spaces will be filled to overflowing with goodies for you and the one's you love!  For all of you who live to far away to attend, we will keep our blog filled with photos of our Christmas Magic!
Have a great Sunday!
 Hugs, Donna, Diana & Debby


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

It's so hard to part with Christmas decor, isn't it? I have bazillions of Christmas stuff, yet even when I find something I already have, I still want to keep it. You're pictures are so pretty and intriguing. Sure wish I could be there.

sissie said...

I have so many things that I do not want to let go of but know that I must. Boo hoo! I'd love peeking inside your valut, it looks like loads of goodies are in there.