Monday, February 22, 2010


I was not planning to do much junking on Friday and after a short visit to an estate sale, rebuilding center and a local flea market, I stopped to get gas and then head home. I am not sure why I stopped at the gas station that I did-let's just say KARMA was on my side. I don't usually get off the freeway and go to this particular one-but Friday it seemed like a reasonable, not out of the way thing to do.  After getting gas, I decided to go home on the surface streets instead of the freeway-and guess what-100 yards down the road is a hand written estate sale sign! I whipped the silver bullet around in a nano second and headed to the estate sale. Well-let me just ask-why wasn't my karma working at 10am in the morning instead of 4pm in the afternoon?!!!!  It was the estate of a 95 year old woman whose house had sold and the 75 year old son was having to empty the house for the new owners. There was incredibly wonderful old things-our passion- [I had to tell my heart to stop beating so fast several times] and the prices were terrific-so I loaded up the car and went back on 1/2 price Saturday and loaded up again. The pictures are just a glimpse of the goodies I have piled up in my garage/studio! The son who was selling his mother's treasures was a hoot. He said she is fighting cat mad that she can not have all of her things in the retirement home. He told me he has hung 65 pictures on one wall of his Mother's little studio. Can you just imagine? What a loving son-even at 75 years young.


melissadc76 said...

Man, what a fun sale. I can't wait til summer when there are lots more!

Lou Cinda said...

How fun!! You racked up big time!

Can't wait to see what you "create"!

Lou Cinda :)

Little Cottage said...

Oh, I wish I got to go with you :o)))

Livingston Street Decor said...

Funny how "junk karma" is huh? Us junk lovin' girlies seem to be in the right place at the right time an awful lot don't we? Yesterday I skipped a local Monday auction that I usually go to because the parking area was a mud pit and it just didn't "feel" like the place to be. Instead, I hit some local thrift stores and did better than I could have at the auction. It was one of my best junk days ever..."junk karma" at work again.

Global Atelier said...

I loved this story!!! Aren't those the best times - when we least expect it they fall in our lap. What a great story!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

How fun!! You lucky girl!!! Those are great treasures!I love the sweet dress,the lace and those great frames you found!