Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have a pretty high tolerance for disorganization! As long as I can shut the door and no one can see my mess, I am okay with it  most of the time. But then, along comes CHAOS and it overtakes the milder form of messy and disorganization. It has put me in a tail spin! So-deep breath-I am going to make order out of this pandora's box! All that you see in the pictures came out of two lower cupboards in the kitchen. You guessed it-I couldn't find a thing with ease anymore-hell-I could not find anything anymore!  It made doing the fun and creative part of this business-not so much fun! So my goal this weekend with the Wizard gone is to put this in my garage studio so I can work with more ease. I will give you all  an update soon.

Also stay tuned for my true confession of what I did with 1000's of photos
I had stuffed into boxes in the furnace room. This is not a pretty story!


trash talk said...

Does CHAOS stand for clean house and order supreme? Just wondering. Good luck...I always have good intentions that somehow get lost in the process!

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

I understand ... you have no idea how much I understand. My garage (now known as the "Warehouse") is so out of control. I applaud your efforts and hope to be inspired enough to clean up my mess! Hugs, M.

Florence said...

You are an inspiration I have a cottage studio that needs a serious gutting and organizing. Good luck. Florence

Laurie said...

I'm getting there! I made a (long list) of everything that needs a little organization around here. The biggest one is my studio/sewing room. I am avoiding it by doing everything else on the list!