Monday, December 14, 2009


I went to my favorite little cove this morning to see if I could find my turtles feeding in the waves-and I did! I saw the most magnificant creature surfing the waves. He or she was the biggest turtle I have seen outside of a zoo. I could not believe I got the chance to see this sight. The shell on the turtle had to be at least 18 inches across and and 24-30 inches long. You know by the size of the shell that this wonderful turtle has been around a very long time. I could not get a picture of his shell or his head bobbing in the water when he came up for air-but the picture of the curling wave is where I first found him. That will teach me to take the Nikon the next time to Kauai. Usually, I see a school of large and small turtles sufing-but this grand daddy was all on his own!  As you can tell from the picutres, we have another day of paradise to enjoy. The wizard is feeling better and he is on the golf course as I write this blog. I am off to one of my guilty pleasures, marathon reading hard back mystery novels. I read about one a day and started my third one this morning. By the end of the holiday,my luggage gets quite heavy as I take them home for Donna and Debby to enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Diana, Reading your blog makes me want to be back on Kauai and we have only been home from there for three months!! We have seen turtles that large on Hawaii but not yet on Kauai; are you enjoying the chickens there? hahahaha! Have a safe trip home....Barb...Huckleberry Hill !!!