Monday, November 16, 2009


While setting up for the last barn sale, Donna and I heard meowing-quite loudly in fact-so loud that we could not ignore the sounds.. So we looked around and in came a little calico cat. Love at first sight as she reminded us of Tau Sue who was one of many kitties that we grew up with as chilldren. As in past blogs you might begin to get the idea that Donna and I are bleeding hearts for any creature that comes upon our doorstep and cries. Well, this darling kitty shows up and looks really, really hungry. Donna says to me," I think she is starving"! That is all I needed to get in the car and drive to Coastal, Ranch and Farm and buy cat food. Now this is a big undertaking as I have not had a cat in my life for decades-too many to mention. So I ask the clerk on her first day on the job to help me pick out a cat food flavor. We debated and finally settled on Feline Favorites. When I got back to the barn the kitty ate 3 bowls and I was afraid she would die of over eating. Not the case! In fact like Dexter the Bull [earlier blog] she went out and told her litter mates about the food in the barn and the two crazy ladies who went and bought cat food after just a few meows. Low and behold, four kitties have come to the barn for food and shelter. Like animal fools that we are,, we fell in love with them at first sight and have been feeding them ever since. Now you might ask-how come you have not had a cat for decades-the answer is that we are both terribly allergic to kitties and cats. Touch a cat, touch an eye and it closes-that kind of allergic. Did that stop us from adopting these kitties-NOT A CHANCE! They were the highlight of the Christmas Show and many were tempted to take at least one of them home. We have since learned that they belong to the people we rent the barn from- so they do have a home. Never the less-the barn has become their home away from home and we have been going to the barn [Donna} every day to make sure the food and water bowl is full! Love those kitties!!!!


My Shabby Roses said...

That is just to precious! I have to admit it doesn't surprise me, you both have such kind hearts!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

You are GOOD hearts...GOD will bless you for this kind act...they might be "Angels unaware" never know.~
It will cost you an arm and a leg..from here on out.. don't quite your day job !!
AND... they MULTIPLY YOU KNOW...( laughing)


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

That first kitty reminds me of my Bumpkin. I am a sucker for cats, too. I love that y'all fed them! Hate to hear about the allergies. ick. ~Mindy

Gossamer Designs said...

Kudos ladies! You gals are too cute! That is the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time! I too have a HUGE soft spot for our four legged furry friends. (4 kitties in a small apartment!) They bring so much joy to my life I couldn't imagine them living their lives on the streets as they are so much a part of my heart now!

Miss you bunches ladies...wish we were roomies again! Beth