Friday, November 13, 2009

Rainy and Cold in Portland, Oregon

I just got back from walking the dogs in the soaking rain!  My amateur weather sleuthing missed this rain cell on the weather radar! Whoops.  The dogs are all dried off and are taking a nap.  I thought today I would introduce you to Sophia Isabella.  She is our tri colored almost 3 year old Cocker Spaniel with a  few loose wires in her brain!  She is so full of life and we love her to death!  She had a rough start in the beginning and defied all the odds by surviving a Parvo virus infection; the leading cause of death in puppies.  So here is a quick glimpse of what occupies a great deal of my time!

Diana is feeling better today but is still not ready to come out and play!  Maybe tomorrow! Hugs donna


trash talk said...

I just have to that the "junker" version of a baby gate! What a hoot. Does Sophia love to play with empty plastic bottles? My schnauzer thinks they are the greatest thing since "Gravy Train"!

Rochelle said...

What a cutie!

Barn House said...

Oh boy...I may need a puppy.