Sunday, November 1, 2009


I worked all day glittering trees and have about 25% left to do. I chose to do all the small trees and have the two biggest sizes left to do today. Then I must make the bases for the large trees and then attach all of the trees to their new bases. If you have not figured this out yet-bottle brush trees are a tradition for us at our Holiday shows. We have been selling them for the past six years! Each tree has our touch and each year the bases of the trees are different. The trees make such an impact when they are all out in their sparkly glory. We should have several hundred done and hopefully sold by the end of the holiday season.!


krys kirkpatrick said...

Your energy encourages me! I have a new shop opening November 6th.
HUTCH studio--- in Laconner WA. It is so cool. Love to have you busy ladies check it out.

Celticlass said...

The forest is looking beautiful especially frosted. I love forest's so. Will try to post some of my forest snow pictures.
Thank You for the lovely view, Erin

Laurie said...

Love the forest!

Auntie Joy said...

Oh how fun! I'm learning to love mica, it doesn't cut like glass glitter...

trash talk said...

I think I am suffering from temporary snow blindness from looking at all the trees!

Debbie @ said...

I laughed to myself. I actually got weak in the knees reading your post and looking at those lovely pictures. How funny we can be so moved by little trees, glitter and sparkly things! Love it.
Have a wonderful, wonderful week!