Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Home-how sweet it is to be home! I drove like a mad woman trying to beat the wind and rain that has been forcasted to start today up and down the whole pacific coast. California is the getting the worst of the wind and rain-although we were out of power for 8 hours this morning. Bummer-how did we ever live without electricity? My body still feels like it is moving forward after so many miles in the car. When we were young, we took a lot of "Sunday drives" as a family. We never quite knew if those drives were going to be a short jaunt into the country or a marathon 400 mile trip to somewhere. I think because of all of those trips they instilled in me a sense of adventure and enjoyment riding in the car [or driving in the car] for long periods of time. I loved every minute of the scenery and terrain. I did not love so much some of the crazy drivers I encountered along the way. There is nothing like a fast car and wind in your hair to shake out all of the baddies-and that I did. When our dad taught Donna and I to drive, I was the rabbit and Donna was the tortise. I always did and always have driven TOOOOOO fast-especially on wide open spaces. Love those California drivers-they are clueless about speed limits on the freeway-so I just joined the pack.

My son and I had so much fun. It's been forever that I have just captured him for so long and just for myself. We shopped for his loft, ate and drank our way through the Gaslamp district of downtown San Diego. It was so bittersweet to leave him and drive home with out him-but he will there to visit anytime I want to hop on a plane and fly down for Justin/Mom time-and I plan to do that on a regular basis!

Well I am pooped and don't think much will get done today. If I price and get things ready for Monticello tomorrow-I will take some pictures for the blog. See you soon-yawn. PS Didn't Donna do a great job with the blog? No more excuses-she gets equal time and billing on the blog from now on.

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Florence said...

Donna did a great job while you were gone, I hope she feels proud of herself. I know I am proud of her. Florence