Friday, October 16, 2009


I made some more Halloween candy grab bags last night and thought I would share how I put them together.

1. I went to Target and got three different treat bags. [Notice I am into a skeleton theme. Each set of treat bags had 10-15 bags in each package for $1.99

2. I went to Michaels for the skeletons but they were not on sale yet so I opted not to get them there. I did get a Martha Stewart skeleton head punch for 40% off.

3. I went to Rite Aid and they had skeleton garlands at 50% off so I got those for the bags. A garland with six skeletons was $2.49.

4. I went to my neighborhood market and got orange and licorice Jelly Bellies and candy corn. NOTE: I wanted old fashion, good candy-but this product is way to expensive for mass production! I will use good, wrapped candy on sale for the next set of treat bags-and save the jelly belly bags for family and friends.

5. I assembled them last night using a 1/4 cup scoop and put 1/4 cup of each flavor into each bag. I closed the bags with wire ties and then put the skeleton on the bag, tied the ribbon and put the tag on bag as a final touch, I did cut the skeltons off the garland and left some of the jute hanging on the neck of the skeleton

So if you are so inclined-a quick trip to a few stores and an hour or so of your effort-you can produce these fun, sweet, scarey treat bags.


Sammy Girl said...

What a great job! Thanks for sharing the sources, too!
Betty :)

icandy... said...

These are wonderful~~ and SpOoKy!!!! You have such a great blog! I'll be back!