Saturday, September 19, 2009


It seems that fall always brings out the urge to create. I am not sure why that is-but it is true for me. Maybe it arcs back to a time when women had busy hands at night to help wile away the long evening hours. Maybe it is the heart and mind getting a jump start with holiday making. At any rate I tried my hand with a multimedia approach to covering the tops of two trays-one on glass and one on an old wood wicker lap tray. I used old paper, painted on top of the paper with acrylic paint, stamped some letters, sanded with very fine steel wool, and finished with a coat of tobacco glaze which I put on with a foam brush and then used a wet paper towel to rub off the excess glaze. I did one more sanding with steel wool and will put a matt varnish finish on them so they can be used. I am not sure I would do this project on glass again, as every time the paper got wet with product-it lifted the glue from the paper and glass. Bummer! I have always wanted to do mixed media on canvas--------so my next adventure into art may just be that!

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CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I think it turned out really nice and very aged looking. I know what you mean about the need to create this time of year...I think that's why we have Fall holidays...for those of us who love to decorate and make. Next time you do on glass, you might try a couple of coats of Gesso...a base coat for canvas'...brush one coat on verticle, let dry and the 2nd one horizontally. The brush strokes will give it 'some teeth' for your next layer to adhere to. Works for me on nearly any surface...Sue