Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It's too hot to tangle, too hot to antique and too hot to blog! I made it to Monticello this morning and did a little fluffing for the die hards who may wander in today. But that's it! I am going to go get the dogs wet and then I am going to plant myself in front of the air conditioner upstairs in the bedroom for the rest of the day and maybe for the rest of this heat wave!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

That sounds like a good plan to me! ~Mindy

Little Cottage said...

I'll do the same!

Florence said...

Me too, except I just have a box fan, I have been doing alot of reading, it is way too hot to do anything else.

Teri from The Vintage Station said...

Wish I had an A/C....everybody is out of them! The basement is even hot, hot, hot! I ended up going into the shop today because it has air conditioning but after the a/c was on for 4 hours it got down to 80...that's 20 degrees cooler than outside! omg!!!