Friday, June 19, 2009


I cleaned, I polished, I repaired, I tagged and priced all of the small and medium size treasures I found at the estate sales last weekend. I think the Wizard can get his bbmw into his side of the garage when he gets home from his business trip later this evening. I will take a picture in the AM if it fits. I still have the large pieces to deal with but my excuse was that I needed more muscle than my own to load them into the car. Truly though, I had my hands full getting the smaller stuff taken care of-so tomorrow morning we will load at least three of the bigger pieces to take to the barn for the barn sale and for sure the bbmw will fit again into it's rightful place in the garage. Hmm-one might ask if my car is going to get it's rightful place on my side of the garage-the answer-sadly -is never. The silver bullet [jeep] has only known a few days of protection from the elements and thus does not have any expectation that her life will change in the near future. She'll probably need therapy in her later life for the abuse she has gotten being left out in all elements-but we will deal with it when the time comes!


My Shabby Roses said...

Ok, that looks like a double car garage. Is there more goodies on that side too? Is that your side? (o:

LillySue said...

Boy, you have been a busy bee!! Good for you!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Thanks for the wishes and stopping by.... Have a great weekend.