Saturday, May 16, 2009


Donna and I have always loved rust and wire! I think we spent many a Saturday down in our Dad's work shop looking at all of the tools and stuff that now make going into an estate or garage sale such a treasure hunt. One of us usually heads straight to the garage or basement to see what rusty, crusty treasures are hidden waiting for us to find them. My memory of buying my first rusty treasures was in the early 70's. We were poor students and had very little extra money to spend on decorations for the house. I found this wonderful old second hand store on Foster road in S.E. Portland and I bought several rusty barn hooks and an odd assortment of rusty tools. The most fabulous find was a two foot rusty pulley that weighed a ton and sat in a place of honor in my home for years. Donna to this day has her collections of old rusty door knobs, hinges, hooks and wire. These have equal status in the museum with her most beautiful and delicate treasures. So when you come to the barn sale you will find lots of rusty, crusty, wire and metal treaures to take home. I will take more pictures today of some of the pretty stuff that will be joining the rusty. crusty collection.


Kathrine said...

when is the barn sale? I love rusty things as well!!!

Christine LeFever said...

Oh what fun! You two are amazing.

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!

Artsy Fartsy said...

I am lovin all of the rust as well!!! Great finds, I just blogged all on my rusty metal finds this morning. The rustier and chippier is all the better! Keep junkin!, Blessings, Janna