Monday, May 18, 2009


Donna and I spent a fun afternoon at the barn getting ready for the sale. It was so warm and beautiful - I had thoughts of camping out and staying the night but the thought of 8 legged critters roaming around the barn and looking for something to eat [me] put a bit of a damper on that idea. Dexter came to visit us and for the first time two of the horses came up and one ate out of my hand. Thank goodness I had brought an apple with me so we could share it. Well it is off to morning chores, walk the dogs [not a chore], to Monticello and then the barn. It sounds like a busy day-but who can complain with such wonderful sunshine.


melanie's all my favorite things said...

can't wait to see all of your wonderful goodies...hopefully I will make this one!!!
have a great week-melanie

Christine LeFever said...

Indeed, I would not care to sleep in the barn either. I have a guest bedroom right here in OC...You are welcome to stay.

How lovely to share with the horse.

I'm most excited about Saturday and seeing you and all of your fabulous arrangements of beautiful things.

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!

Barn House said...

We will be there with bells & whistles...AND two additional helpers. :o)