Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We made huge progress today with the help of my son and our nephew -in-law. We got one big truck load to the barn and spent the rest of the day placing furniture and hanging the rest of the lights and completing several other small projects. I wrapped the pipe with torn sheets to hide the lamp cords. This does not sound like a big project-but I was on a 14 foot ladder and wrapped at least 40 feet of pipe. Nuts-huh! I am not sure I am going to be able to lift my arms above my head tomorrow-they are going to hurt too much. What pains we go through for the love of antiques, funk and junk. Well it is early to bed as we have another load up tomorrow. For those of you who are wondering-the Wizard had to help me big time tonight with the pictures as they went into the wrong picture file and he had to find them and put them where I could access them. What would I do without the great men in my life who rescue me all of the time?


Suzette said...

To sort of paraphrase Julia R. in "Pretty Woman", you'd rescue yourself right back! Or something!! Can't wait to see what all this hard work creates (and I kinda like to think you're doing it all for me!!).

A Thing for Roses said...

Can't wait to see the magic you have created at the Barn. You gals always do an amazing job at finding and displaying the coolest stuff.



Kari LaForge said...

Hi, I can't wait till Saturday. I mentioned your sale on my blog. http://manorhouseltd.blogspot.com/
See you Saturday, Kari

Anonymous said...