Sunday, April 19, 2009


I swear Dexter went back to the barn yard and told his barn mates that there were these silly fools giving out free food from the barn so go and see what you can find. And they did! It was the first day that the chickens and rooster had ever come to see us - let alone come to the door. Gabby, the mother llama and her baby Tina [who is quite shy] both came up to the barn door and finally the horses came up to about 25 feet from the barn door to check us out. One would think we were giddy five year old children seeing farm animals for the first time with all the excitement and joy that both Donna and I had getting up close and personal with these gentle creatures. What a day! PS Isabel from Maison Douce came out to the barn and gave us much needed help! She even brought us lunch! What a trooper-thank you Isabel!

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