Monday, March 23, 2009


It's March-but my mind keeps hoping that any day now, I will wake up and find myself immersed in warm, sunny weather! But alas-it is still March. So my mind is wandering around thinking about the up and coming garden show at Monticello Antique Marketplace in April and like any gardener nearing planting season-my mind is racing with possibilities and the heart beats just a bit faster thinking about what spring might bring to us.

On the other hand the golfing maven, formerly known as Donna, is thinking golf and gardening. She and her husband got the golf bug last year and there is no stopping their desire to get good enough to play along with Tiger Woods. They are hoping that this will happen in the near future. They even played yesterday in the rain, hail and she says sun. Well, I am off to start putting my thoughts into action for the garden show and then Donna and I are off to Monticello this afternoon to replenish and fluff. Be back soon.

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My Shabby Roses said...

Love all the pretty things in your booth! Always an inspiration.