Friday, February 20, 2009

It's a beautiful morning

One could close their eyes today and think it might be spring! It's going to be a glorious day to be outside and play.

I have only one word to say about the root canal-OUCH! I will be going back next week to finish up-hopefully! I had quite a surprise when I found out that I need two root canals-ugh! He did the easier one first-so I am dreading the procedure for the next one!!!

We went to Monticello for dealer night and brought in some fun things! I think my favorites are the birds' nests and some ironstone pieces that have been resting in my house.Come take a look and spend the morning or afternoon. The cafe at Monticello has much to tempt the pallet.

The Wizard got up early this morning [very early] and down loaded pictures for me before he left for warmer climates and his work. I now know how to down load pictures from the camera as I somehow erased his work and had to do it all over again-see - I am dangerous with the computer! The pictures are still in a search file-but I think I can access them to post one or two with this blog. I am off to do just that and to go outside and play.

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